Two Door Cinema Club

Posted on September 16, 2008


Came across a ‘next big thing’ alert at a dinner party in Lancaster Gate last night hosted by Carlo, an old pal from my days in Milan.

“Like a happy Depeche Mode“, was how Stefano described Two Door Cinema Club. A recommendation on a hot new act from the guy who used to manage Spiller, Alex Neri and Roberto Milano is not to be scoffed at.  Plus I do love a bit of the old DP and the added thrill of spotting a band before they blow up still appeals even if my Rolling Stone Italy days are well and truly behind me.

Added the band’s, admittedly random, name to the notebook in my N95 and got round to checking them out today on MySpace. I like a lot – they’re young, tick all the right boxes and sound very ‘now’, or should that be ‘alteronica’ as they dub their sound?

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