The Future Can Wait


The Future Can Wait, Truman Brewery, London
The Future Can Wait, Truman Brewery, London



It being my week of lates I thought I’d take the opportunity to get my fortnightly dose of culture. Today’s destination was art show The Future Can Wait housed at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.

The show had become a bit of a sensation even before its launch as artist Marc McGowan has staged an exhibition featuring himself lying on his back on the street with a knife sticking out of his blood-soaked chest.

Why? To highlight the senselessness of knife crime of course. But newspapers like the Telegraph to got their knickers in a twist over the apparently insensitive show.

To be honest I took a pretty speedy tour of the show and didn’t even notice the McGowan installation but there was one exhibit that seriously turned my stomach.


Which surprised me. When it comes to art I’m a total libertarian. I mean even dated a conceptual artist for a year so my patience when it comes to out there, boundary pushing, challenging art is pretty extensive.

But I found Angela Bartram‘s video installation of her snogging a dog was grim. I like being challenged about my perceptions of art but to put your tongue in a dog’s mouth? I guess I should be impressed that she was willing to go that far for her art…

The Future Can Wait is open from 11am-6pm, 15-19 October at The Truman Brewery.

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