Paris crowns Jeff Mills king of the DJs

Was having a chat last night with Boy about whether it’s possible for Euro DJs to make it out of the underground and be commercially successful in the mainstream.

With the exception of Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers I struggled to think of any who’s blown up in the pop charts and still managed to bring their original underground audience with them.

Even the Basement Jaxx who I was wild about ten years ago left me cold with a number of their post Rooty albums although more recent tracks like Nifty and My Turn are trés hip.

He cited the example of David Guetta, who admittedly has done well for himself. While I’ve never seen Guetta DJ, I really am not a fan of his tracks. Love is Gone, for example, makes me want to projectile.

All this preamble goes to explain my pleasant surprise to read in today’s Figaro that Jeff Mills is exhibiting at the Pompidou Centre in Paris as part of an exhibition on Futurism in Paris.

An American DJ, heralded by the French??

Well yes, although being Gallic the Pompidou has managed to make Mills’ work sounds sufficiently artsy:

A visual and sound installation by the artist Jeff Mills offers a contemporary extension of the works presented.

The visitor finds himself immersed by a giant mechanical hive made of many videos which accumulate themselves in a frantic and pulsating rhythm, as a reference to the machine cogs that the Futurists praised and glorified.

The installation includes a soundtrack and videos specially created by Jeff Mills.


Critical Arrangements is on view at the Pompidou from October 15 2008 – January 26 2009

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