Jungle Jazz – blast from the past

Posted on October 20, 2008


Jungle Jazz

Jungle Jazz

On the train home from seeing the olds up in Hertfordshire when I notice the snare coming out of the headphones of the guy sitting behind me.

The bpm are around 160. Hmm sounds like jungle. In fact, it sounds strangely familiar…

Oh my gosh (it’s been a long weekend so it takes a while for the old synapeses to start firing on all cylinders), it’s Jungle Jazz!

Jungle Jazz is a compilation from Italian label Irma records that Francesco, my first love sent to me. This was back in 97, in the days before iTunes, Blip.fm or YouTube. It features legendary drum and bass tracks including It’s a Jazzy Thing by Ronnie Size.

That casette was always with me – and even now whenever I go over to Italy to see him when we’re driving around he always digs it out of his glove compartment.

When he pops it into the player we both lean back, not saying a word and with beatific smiles on our faces.

Some music encapsulates a time and a feeling. For me Jungle Jazz represents the best of those.

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