The New Pop… makes me wanna blog

Vodpod videos no longer available. So just what was it that made me want to blog after more than a month under the radar?

Thenewpop, that’s what. It’s so fucking cool:

1) The concept rocks. It functions in a way that reflections its audience – the videoscribed generation. Who needs text when you have easy access to the production of moving pictures.

2) Thenewpop’s content is so zeitgeisty. Having a platform like the internet to instantaneously share you findings of the hottest new trends is so McLuhanesque. Love, love, love it!

3) The videos are bee-ooo-tiful! Seriously. They’re kind of like short form docs but they forged a whole new genre for themselves. This is what is spectacular about the best of online video. It’s not trying to be TV, it’s not trying to be film, it’s simply an audiovisual expression that acknowledges and plays to the strengths of its platform. I adore their work.

4) The monetisation strategy is pretty damn savvy too. Screw advertising or blatant sponsorship. These guys respect their audiences intelligence and instead using product placement. Very very clever!

I also love this site too. If I were ten years younger I’d have been smart enough to realise that Fresh or Whack is a much cooler blog title than this one!

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My blog appraisal

Hmm… So it’s been a while hasn’t it?

The reason for my absence? I think its three fold. I’m not quite sure what order to list them in but as I’m on my second bottle of Staropramen I figure I’ll let them unfold as they come:

1) This blog is an experiment. I know I need to be blogging. Working online there is no excuse for having an online presence that’s limited to facebook and myspace. The blog initially made me go out and find content. It was exciting, exhilarating and refreshing. Yet I never really decided if this was supposed to be a professional or personal venture. What it ended up being was an exercise in tagging

2) which leads me to falling traffic. You guys deserted me in droves. Good lesson learnt, there is no point in engaging in the online equivalent of ambulance chasing. It’s all well and good to write about the hottest stories of the day to garner those hot search hits but unless you have the quality content there, your traffic will plummets as mine did spectacularly by about 99% in 24 hours. (Now you know why I’m a little bit bitter 😉

3) … but not too distraught. To be honest part of the reason I started this blog was as some sort of weird distraction therapy from a boy I was massively into (see the stomach-churning posts dotted below). After a bit of intense turmoil it’s all turned out wonderfully. This unfortunately means I’ve been slightly distracted. I do this every time and it’s simply unacceptable as SuperNanny would say. Must do better missus.

4) And finally my searches for subject matter sometimes feel slightly inauthentic. Also don’t you sometimes find that life gets in the way of a good blog post? Maybe the real killer was that I’d started to get into the swing of capturing random, quirky, hip and cool events on my cameraphone and took immense pleasure in using my time at work to upload the content onto my blog.

Then when the evil computer support guy went and un-installed the synching programme I was at a loss. As if the fact that I was being forced to stick to one media type was too stifling. Plus my battered Toshiba Satellite will commit suicide if I put anymore software on it. So I’m stuck with text for now 😦

I Guess I could always get my arse into gear and start using the damn Sony A1 that’s lying unused in my room and benefit from the Avid edit suites that are dotted around my office… One day! (Note to self – what a loser)