The New Pop… makes me wanna blog

Posted on December 1, 2008


Vodpod videos no longer available. So just what was it that made me want to blog after more than a month under the radar?

Thenewpop, that’s what. It’s so fucking cool:

1) The concept rocks. It functions in a way that reflections its audience – the videoscribed generation. Who needs text when you have easy access to the production of moving pictures.

2) Thenewpop’s content is so zeitgeisty. Having a platform like the internet to instantaneously share you findings of the hottest new trends is so McLuhanesque. Love, love, love it!

3) The videos are bee-ooo-tiful! Seriously. They’re kind of like short form docs but they forged a whole new genre for themselves. This is what is spectacular about the best of online video. It’s not trying to be TV, it’s not trying to be film, it’s simply an audiovisual expression that acknowledges and plays to the strengths of its platform. I adore their work.

4) The monetisation strategy is pretty damn savvy too. Screw advertising or blatant sponsorship. These guys respect their audiences intelligence and instead using product placement. Very very clever!

I also love this site too. If I were ten years younger I’d have been smart enough to realise that Fresh or Whack is a much cooler blog title than this one!

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