Italian doctors to snitch on illegal immigrants

If more signs were needed of the legitimisation of xenophobia in Italy, doctors will now be able to report illegal immigrants to the Italian government, under legislation approved by the Senate or upper house of parliament on Thursday.

The move has already drawn criticism from the centre-left opposition and from Medecins Sans Frontieres in Italy.

According to The Telegraph:

When opposition MPs accused a Northern League MP, Federico Bricolo, of xenophobia, he replied: “You can call us xenophobic all you like, it only wins us more votes.” He told the opposition: “You are with the foreigners, you defend foreigners and you’re against Italians.”

The bill also called for police to register tramps and the homeless on official files and approved “citizens” patrols’ which have been established by the Northern League in the northern part of the country, in which [La Lega] is most popular.

In addition, anti-immigrant vigilante groups in Italy could begin organising themselves to start street patrols to monitor any ‘illegal activities’ by immigrants.

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