Young people on the future of newspapers

Posted on February 9, 2009


Last month I blogged about Sarkozy’s plans to give teenagers free subscriptions to French newspapers. In the US, a campaign was started to encourage people to buy newspapers in support of the flagging industry.


I’ve been told off here for stating that the newspaper industry doesn’t deserve to be bailed out but, in my defence, it’s not just me who holds this view.


Last week at a talk at London’s LSE Clay Shirky said: “The problems of newspapers are so much of their own making its hard to show an ounce of pity. The people who go down to see the government every day though, just to take a look and see if something is going on – the loss of that function is pretty big.”


Today’s Media Guardian asks young people around the world for their opinions on news consumption. The findings are diverse and revealing…

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