Hip destination – Buenos Aires

Posted on February 13, 2009


Really getting restless. I need to move – almost to the extent that it feels like I’m going stir crazy in London. My default escape destination is Grenada but I need to go somewhere completely unfamiliar.

The weather in Buenos Aires is currently 31 degrees centigrade. They have tango, great red wine and fascinating architecture… need I say more?

23 March 2009…

Actually, yes, I do feel the need to say more. Not sure that I really did this post justice so here are a few more elements:

HOTELS (as suggested by The Independent)

Five Cool Rooms – Minimalist hotel in the heart of the hip Palermo district

Home – A design-minded hotels in the north of the Palermo Viejo district

Faena Hotel+Universe Alan Faena and designer Philippe Starck in Puerto Madero. Not for shy and retiring types

The Cocker a gorgeously stylish art-nouveau townhouse in San Telmo (my favourite)



Read the blog post if you’re looking for something a little bit harder than tango when it comes to music. Learn why BA has earned a reputation as the party capital of the south.



While a feature in the International Herald Tribune by a writer who moved to BA to find a new life, gives a real insight into life in a city dealing with financial uncertainty.

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