My media job sucks

Posted on February 16, 2009



Today is definitely a square day. I’m back in the office, loathing it and feeling so creatively stifled that I can’t even be bothered to find anything to blog about.


Being in this role, at this company has put me into the creative equivalent of a coma, almost as if the deadening environment in which I spend eight hours a day is so devoid of innovation that my spark, zeal and enthusiasm has been sucked out of by some kind of screwed up osmosis.


So I’m sitting here trying to work on the escape strategy. Another short-term idea has bubbled to the surface. Must keep focussed.


I really can’t tell you how much I hate my job – and to carry on doing it is a complete failure to uphold all the values I believed in as a young, idealistic kid.


Yet the reality is that there are hardly any media jobs – it seems like there are more people being sacked than being hired (figures on Media Guardian’s job website bear this out – they’ve gone from an average of 2000 to around 800) and you’ll notice that I’m not even focussing on journalism – I ain’t too proud to cross back over to the dark side.


Still, I haven’t taken the downturn to be a closed door – I’ve sent my CV out, been to interviews but the dichotomy is that even though I have great ideas, and understand the way the internet works and how to harness its potential, my cause isn’t helped by the fact that working shithole website means that it’s pretty damn hard to demonstrate any experience of putting any of this theorising into practise (as far as work is concerned). I mean, damn, you can’t even search the site or comment or bookmark our articles let alone subscribe to an rss feed, read blogs or use forums. It’s so bloody frustrating!


I really, really can’t do this much longer, especially if I want to keep my sanity intact. But how does one solve this conundrum in the middle of one of the worst financial downturns for decades?


I pay my own way. Running to mummy and daddy to bail me out isn’t an option, no savings to speak of that can tide me over, I could go back to academia but that still requires at least £5,000 for the fees and £10,000 to live on for a year.


Father Christmas, where are you when I need you? Feck, it looks like the only answer is for me to continue thinking, planning and scheming my way out of this nightmare and to come up with an online project that I can run myself. Screw working for dysfunctional, backwards mainstream media companies.


Do you have a shitty job? Maybe we can bitch about just how awful your daily existence in your office really is. Any tips on writing resignation letters (or maybe I’ll just need you advice when I get sacked for writing this post).

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