Jade Goody sells wedding pics for £700,000

Posted on February 17, 2009


Sorry, just got home from the office and was supposed to be off to bed but just spotted this story on the Sky News website.

Apparently Jade Goody has sold OK magazine the rights to her wedding pictures for £700,000 .

I’ve avoided this story until now as I’m not really sure how to approach it. As a member of the media, I guess the instinctive reaction is horror at just how appealing this story is (it even made it into the Italian papers). It has car crash TV all over it.

Yet as much as the press pack may hate it, human interest in Jade sells papers and TV spots. Also as someone whose mother had an emergency operation in December when doctors told her she had breast cancer, I can’t help but empathise with Jade and her family. It’s an awful, awful situation.

So as long as the public and the media (who gave Jade her position in the spotlight) maintain their interest in her story, why shouldn’t the former Big Brother star cash in and make sure her kids can live comfortably when she’s gone?

Julie Burchill, who I sometimes love and sometimes hate, has penned a piece for tomorrow’s Sun newspaper in which she lays into critics who disapprove of Jade’s decision to keep her plight in the public eye.

It’s a thought provoking article by a journalist who I must admit, I often love to hate.

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