Somewhat strident

Posted on February 17, 2009


Facebook group for “people who often find the portrayal of women in the media one-sided, sexist, appearance obsessed and skewed” has found its way onto the pages of London’s Evening Standard Newspaper.

Apparently it’s a reaction against a whole load of ads that celebrate easy access to cosmetic surgery and market going under the knife as a lifestyle choice.

Somewhat Strident began by kicking against one or two aspects of the media using stickers, but has blossomed into something a bit grander. The current project is trying to “create a video/magazine style book/website/all of the above that breaks down media myths and pressures, aimed at young women/people.”

If that brief’s a bit to vague for you to figure out how to contribute, why not visit their website where you can download stickers that can be used to further the campaign against destructive media imagery.

“Absolutely don’t use them for illegal purposes, especially not on the London Underground. That would be awful,” the site warns.

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