London carnival protest

SOURCE: Press Release

Campaigners dressed as zombies will ‘hang bankers’ in central London to protest against the way the government has been handling the economic crisis.

The group said it will march from Oxford Street to Marble Arch in the style of a New Orleans jazz funeral and in a Mardi Gras carnival mood. A pancake race for Shrove Tuesday will be held before the ‘public hanging’ of effigies of bankers at March Arch.

The event is organised by Government of the Dead and artists’ group Artport. ‘Grand finale’ A spokesperson for the event said: “We are all witnessing its (bank bailouts and bonuses) zombie remains destroying the lives of ordinary people in the form of rising unemployment and home repossessions.

“We’re not making light of the catastrophe, but in times like these we need a laugh.” The protestors said their dancing and singing carnival will end in Marble Arch, formerly known as Tyburn where public executions were held. “The grand finale will be at Tyburn where we hope to hang a criminal or two. They’ll be hanged from the neck until not quite dead,” the group’s website said.

Organisers are hoping the family event, which is the pancake race, will attract hundreds of people and urged participants to either come dressed as zombies or wear black and white clothes.

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