9 thoughts on “Jinack Island photo gallery

    1. Hi Paul,
      The pics are from Jinack Lodge. Madiyana Camp wasn’t open for business when I was there. If you’re going to Gambia I’d definitely recommend Jinack Island it’s such a special place! Let me know if you need more info.

  1. Hi i have been going to jinack for 15 years i love the place. when you was there did you see a building site between madiyana and jinack lodge if so is ti finished yet.

    1. 15 years! Wow lucky you. How did you discover it? I really want to write an article about the place but hate the thought of it changing and being swamped with tourists. Didn’t see a building site between Jinack and Madiyana, although there was an abandoned guest house…

      1. Hi i descoverd jinack through a gambian man called omar who i met on the beach at bakou he asked if i wanted to meet his family who lived on jinack island, i went the next day i left my wife and children at the hotel and set out on my african adventure.
        woke up early around
        6am to catch the early ferry to barra, wow the hustle and bustle on and off the ferry was something i had never experienced before only usually holidaying in the med, we got a taxi for around £5 he took us to the village Kayateh village, we drove through National Park of Niumi, i saw monkey and lots of birds and mamals, then the taxi stopped end of journey, i looked across the river and saw lots of coconut trees and a feeling which will stay with me forever we crossed the river in a small canoe i stayed on the island allday talking to locals. that was january 1995 i have been going to jinack island evey year since i have stayed at madiyana on the beach side of the island and coconut lodge on the creek side of the island.

        girovago80 the guesthouse you saw on the island between madiyana and coconut lodge is mine and omars had it years just started work on it again last week will be finished 2nd week in november, have you uploaded any videos of jinack love to see them.

      2. It’s funny I totally know what you mean about the feeling of crossing that river. I did it at night – and had no idea where I would end up. With the star speckled sky above me and the sound of the canoe paddle dipping into the inky-black river it has to be one of my most memorable memories ever!
        What’s the island like in November? When I went it was very very dry. I didn’t shoot any video – I had my videocamera with me but managed to kill the battery by mistake! I’d love to return and do some proper shooting – maybe I should come and see your place. Is it closer to the beach or to the villages?

      3. Hi
        i have also crossed that part of the river in the early hours and yes its also something what will stay with me forever.
        the place i have is on the beach between madiyana and jinack lodge, the place you said looked abandoned. believe it or not i got this beach land 9 years ago just starting work again to get it finish for this november. did you stay at jinack lodge, hows it looking, can’y wait to go going end of oct begining nov.

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