Slim, Rich and Fabulous

I stumbled upon a great exhibition yesterday by accident.


Having finished work early and having a couple of hours to spare before heading down to the Southbank for a screening at the BFI, I decided to pass the time by checking out the Photographers Gallery off Oxford Street.


Being mapless, I somehow ended up instead at a Slim Aarons exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery.


The gallery staff was setting up for a private view and the numerous crates of booze did kinda tempt me to stick around; the show is co-sponsored by Eminent Wines.

Such a brand is a perfect fit for a show entitled Slim, Rich and Famous.


It features photos by Aarons depicting the Glitterati from the 1950s onwards. The sort of folk continued living the sort of F Scott Fitzgerald detailed his novels, long after the Jazz Age had been and one.


Slim, Rich and Famous shows an age where fame wasn’t necessarily about celebrity – most of the people caught on celluloid aren’t movie stars. Rather, they’re daughters of Mexican industrialists, well-healed philanthropists.


It’s not exactly the sought of exhibition that’s going to make you feel better about your life after a hard say in the office but if you in the mood for some beautiful photography and glimpse at how the jet-set live it up, I’d say the show is well worth a visit.


Slim, Rich And Famous is on at the Getty Images Gallery from 16/04/09 – 30/05/09

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