Journalists cycle in memory of CBS colleagues

Posted on May 11, 2009


I remember reporting on a media conference up in Edinburgh when news came in of abomb in Iraq that killed two CBS journalistsand seriously injured reporter Kimber Crozier.

It was an unwelcome reminder of just how fragile the safety of journalists reporting in the field had become. (The war in Iraq has been the deadliest armed conflict for the press since the Second World War, according to Reporters Without Borders).

It’s interesting how when looking for positive news stories they almost seem to come you way, or maybe you just become more perceptive of them.

News has just flashed up on PA of a bike ride organised by three colleagues of Paul Douglas, a news cameraman, and James Brolan, a freelance sound man, died alongside a US soldier and an Iraqi translator in the attack in central Baghdad.

The money raised will be shared between the Rory Peck Trust and Reporters Without Borders, two charities which protect and support journalists around the world.

To find out more or to donate to the cause visit

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