In praise of the lunch hour

As someone who lucky to get lunch let alone a lunch break, I was enthused by news of a campaign encouraging Britain’s desk-slaves to make the most of their 60 minutes of freedom.

I’m tempted to do series of lunchtime adventures, detailing all the things I get up to in my lunch break but this sort of series works best with pictures and without internet access at my new house (AOL, please bring my broadband) I’m stuck to posting in a singularmedia. Boo – maybe next week though…

A new tourism organisation today launched a £3 million campaign urging Britons to explore their own country – even if it is only in their lunch hour.

A poll by VisitEngland showed only 36% of Britons regularly took a full lunch hour, while 66% did not make the best use of free time.

In a campaign entitled Enjoy Every Minute, Enjoy England, the new organisation urges people to make the most of what is on their doorstep.

The survey of 2,052 adults also showed 56% felt stuck in a rut and 55% reckoned taking a lunch break helped them work more effectively in the afternoons.

Also, 82% felt better when they had been on a day trip and 69% were happier if they had something to look forward to.

VisitEngland marketing head Amanda Smyth said: “We want to help people plan their free time better and make the most of what England has to offer.”

The campaign includes a series of TV adverts with a voiceover by actress Helena Bonham Carter.


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