Eden Ibiza Twitter

Blimey. Didn´t do to well on providing you with an update did I?

I´m doing a spot of digital marketing for one of the coolest clubs in San Antonio, Ibiza.

Eden (the one with the huge gold dome) is home to uber cool nights like Reclaim the Dancefloor, clubbing institutions like Judgement Sundays as well as parties that draw in the crowds such as Pete Tong´s Wonderland which boasted a live performance from Lady GaGa earlier this season.

Well that´s the work bit out of the way. Do follow me on Twitter – I only started on this last week and it´s proving to be quite an exciting challenge working purely on social networks.

So what happened before that? Why did you leave London and your job at one of the most influential newsrooms in British Broadcasting, you may be wondering (if you´re still reading that is 😉

After being told I was being made redundant, a few days before the contract was about to end I was offered a role to stay with the company and help them re-launch their website.

Despite the financial crisis and rising unemployment I decided life was too short to spend eight hours a day doing a thoroughly unsatisfying job so I quit London for Ibiza and two months on I´m still here.

Updates to the blog have been infrequent because I have no friggin WiFi in my apartment. For some reason working from an internet cafe doesn´t quite have the same appeal.

Anyway, it was getting a bit ridiculous that I hadn´t posted anything for weeks, especially as I seem to getting good traffic nowadays.

I´ll try to add some photos of what I´ve been up to. In the meantime, follow my clubbing/Ibizan exploits at http://twitter.com/eden_ibiza

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