Klaxons @ Ibiza Rocks closing

Posted on September 8, 2009


Looking forward to seeing the Klaxons at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel before popping down to the Reclaim the Dancefloor closing party.

I´m not sure what the band has been up to since the first album stormed the charts but any act that names an LP after a Thomas Pynchon book wins my vote.

To be honest I´m not a massive fan of the venue.

I don´t know if the picture does it justice but from the outside it looks like a prison and on the inside it feels like a mental hospital.

It is, however, a fantastic concept made even greater by the fact that the owners pulled Manumission and promoted the budget clubbing idea in the year of the great crunch.

I tell you, these Spanish working hours are a joy to behold. It´s 6.20pm and only one hour and a half until I scoot out of here – I started at 10am and had a two and a half hour lunch. Long live the siesta!!

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