The Ibiza Rocks kids room

Posted on July 14, 2011


I had a rare night out yesterday to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Given that Mark Ronson and Zane Lowe were headlining it seemed a good excuse to leave the comfy surrounds of Talamanca and head to San Antonio. Fenech-Soler performed – they were good… sorry, as I’m writing I’m realising that this is starting to sound like a really lame gig review, which it wasn’t my intention.

Basically I found the night, musically, quite underwhelming even though it was my guys acts who held second billing. BUT what I can rave about is the kids room. It is such an ingenious idea to have a room in which you can feel safe and comfortable for your kids to crawl/run around in while enjoying a birds-eye view of a gig at the same time.

Ok, so the rooms are hardly luxurious but it’s San An – what do you expect. With its own bathroom (now queues for the loos ladies) and a full stocked mini-bar I think this might be the only way I roll at Ibiza Rocks for the rest of the season.

And funnily enough the kiddies room turned out to be far more VIP than the designated VIP and VIIP rooms – the family ended up hanging out with owner Andy McKay and his 10-year-old son as well as Judge Jules, his missus Amanda and their too kids – oh so rock and roll!

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