They don’t make ’em like this anymore

This is a bit of a random post but I’m listening to one of Gilles Peterson’s farewell Worldwide shows on iPlayer right now. He’s just played this track by Wookie which I’m compelled to share – it brings back so many memories!

When I was a teenager I was mad about a book called Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. It was about the birth of the electronic music and the rave scene that I’d missed out on by a few years. The tales from clubland enthralled me but I was never quite convinced by the title.

Yet 15 years later Gilles Peterson is undoubtedly the DJ that saved my life. His music is the soundtrack to the highlights and lowlights of my life from my mid teens to my mid twenties. Thinking back now on all the encounters I had with him – discovering him back in the days of Kiss FM, interviewing him for The Herald, checking out his shows at WMC in 2000, sitting in on his BBC Worldwide show, getting a lift in his battered old Mercedes… god it was fun!

Now that I’m older and wiser I’m not so obsessive and definitely don’t stay up until ridiculous o’clock just so that I can listen to his show live. But a bit like bumping into your first crush decades on and finding that they’re just as hot as you originally thought they were, my experience with Gilles has been life-changing (this is not hyperbole – there are so many people I’ve known, places I’ve been and encounters I’ve had which just wouldn’t have happened if it were not for being a Worldwide obsessive).

Anyway I’m beginning to sound like a major geek now (which I am) so shut up. All of this was just so say that I’m really, really gonna miss Gilles Peterson’s radio show.

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