Diplo does Azealia Banks

Posted on March 26, 2012


I’m working on a pretty serious article. You know about food insecurity, super poverty and the intractability of the conditions that shape it all. When stuck in such a mindset I kinda feel an urgent need to shake things up a little, restore the balance by injecting a random element from the other end of the extreme. For example the antidote to spending a month working on a paper on the structural vs agency with regards to gender violence was five hours of back-to-back Bill & Giuliana reruns. So wrong but so good.

This time around it’s Azealia Banks, and her latest track with Diplo to be precise. Nothing makes you feel old like realizing the artist you’ve just started raving about was born in the 90s! That’s just damn crazy. This track is hot but pretty filthy too, so be warned. It’s probably quite twisted that this is what it takes to divert my mind from going round in circles over looming food crises…

On another note, this could possible be the best music review ever:

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