When humanitarians, tech and media join forces: discovering CDAC

Can you fall in love with an organisation? I think I’m smitten by the CDAC network. I can’t quite remember how I stumbled across them but I became aware of their work just days before they put on the Media and Tech Fair at Google’s London HQ last week.

For those who couldn’t make it to the event the proceedings were streamed live online. Honestly it was amazing to be able to tune in to such relevant, insightful and thought-provoking discussions.

Pretty much all of the panellist were conversing on exactly the issues that I’ve been musing over in the course of my studies –

1)      ways to make aid genuinely more accountable to the people it is supposed to serve

2)      why humanitarianism needs to take on some of the values more commonly associated with development

3)      how to make use of the diaspora in emergencies

4)      where to strike the most efficient balance in the use of technology  in responding to crises

5)      how to ensure that online data is enabling yet challenge people’s right to privacy or worse still fall into the wrong hands…

I only managed to catch a couple of hours on the first day but I’m waiting in eager anticipation for them to upload the rest of the material from the sessions that took place over two days. For anyone interested in positive, innovative approaches to humanitarianism this is must-watch information and a must-follow organisation.

6 thoughts on “When humanitarians, tech and media join forces: discovering CDAC

  1. Thanks for this article,

    As I followed the CDAC Tech Fair from the video stream (only the first day was streamed) and twitter (I was involved in tweeting the event with infoasaid team, who I work with) I am not sure I can bring you more than what you can find in the following feed gathering all the tweets that were shared surrounding the event.

    Some of the tweets echo the points you stress in your article. Some bring other ideas.
    You can also have a look at how Patrick Meier from Ushahidi organized some of the tweets :
    What do you think ?


    1. Hi Thomas, thanks so much for posting and for sharing details of where people can find more information online! It was a great event wasn’t it. This is a relatively new area of interest for me so do forgive me for my slightly gushing response to the presentations but I found them so refreshing – the sort of lines that I don’t come across too often in the academic texts I’ve been reading. What do you do for infoasaid?
      I think I read on the CDAC site that they’ll be featuring the tools presented during the event as well as case studies to contextualise their implementation. On reflection I think I’d assumed the video of the event would be uploaded at a later date but even if it isn’t the links you’ve provided give pretty much everything people could wish to know. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for your answer Girovago 🙂
    I’ll keep you informed if I get the video.
    With infoasaid, I am helping on social media communications, spreading their work through various platforms, monitoring relevant articles like yours and working on reshaping the website wich was launched just before Tech Fair.
    And I’ll be working on video production materials soon.
    Thant’s about it so far. And you, what are you studying ?

    1. Sounds exciting – I’m now following the organisation on fb and twitter so look forward to learning more about your activities. I’m doing a masters in Violence, Conflict and Development but my background ins in journalism and digital media hence the interest. Good luck with your work!

  3. Hi girovago80, and Thomas we meet digitally once again!

    Its really great to read your discussion here. I have the great pleasure of being part of the CDAC Network Secretariat. I just thought I would let you know that all the resources will be posted online soon @ http://www.cdacnetwork.org. This will include video footage of all the presentations from Day 1. I am delighted that you found the day useful and interesting. Watch this space for news of future events in regional locations. We are taking the event on the road and will run sessions specific to locations vulnerable to humanitarian crises.

    Glad to have you following us!

    1. Hi, thanks so much for getting in touch. I really admire the work CDAC is doing so please do let me know if/when there are any events that I can promote via this site. Look forward to watching more of the video presentations too. Thanks again!

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