Daily Mail covers Uganda’s nodding disease

Posted on March 27, 2012


The Daily Mail is the UK newspaper I love to hate. A typical front page story for the paper would be something about immigrants causing the moral decline, welfare benefit cheats bringing down a once great nation or how gays are to blame for all that is bad in the world.

BUT, they are also the paper that did the most to raise public attention on the Stephen Lawrence murder (I think Stephen’s father was Paul Dacre’s decorator, can anyone confirm this).

They’ve gone and confounded my expectations once again by covering the nodding disease that’s affecting thousands of Uganda’s children. Of course it’s done in typically Daily Mail style with the phrase ‘zombies’ used to pull in the readers. But I guess this is just another example of how the Kony 2012 campaign, while deeply problematic to say the least, has opened a window for the discussion of wider issues that are affecting Ugandans.

via Mystery of nodding disease turning children into \’zombies\’ in Uganda | Mail Online.

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