Understanding China’s approach to international development

Posted on March 27, 2012


A great piece was published in The Guardian a few days back on SaferWorld’s report on China’s influence in conflict-affected states. The most interesting part is the insight offered by Dr Xiao Yuhua, from the Institute of African Studies at the Zhejiang Normal University in China.

Speaking in the context of  the North’s decreasing leverage in the global South, he argues that it will have to better understand the mindset that drives and moulds China’s development work in Africa:

“The thing that is misinformed about China and Africa is that China’s presence in these countries is not imposed on these governments, it is rather a reflection of the development agenda of the countries themselves,” Yuhua said. “China does not have a values-driven approach to development like the west, but we understand the desire to develop and open up to new markets. There is a cultural misunderstanding there that must be addressed if there is going to be greater co-operation between all players in the future.”

via Can China bring stability to conflict-ridden states? | Annie Kelly | Global development | guardian.co.uk.

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