“No Mangrove, No Mullet.”

Just as I was finishing up this post on Grenada’s suitability to lead the forthcoming Caribbean Political and Business Leaders Summit I spotted this excellent informative piece that highlights the environmental issues facing Carriacou, Grenada’s sister island.

Grenada Action Forum

While the ramifications of ecological decisions made by larger countries take longer to manifest, for a small country like Grenada, the impact is felt more quickly and dramatically. For small islands like Carriacou and Petite Martinique, the negative consequences of eliminating part of the ecological system shows up almost immediately.

One of the most important ecological system for tropical countries is the mangrove forest. It is rich in biodiversity and plays a critical role in mitigating coastal erosion and in sustaining a regions marine ecology. It protects coastal areas and reduces devastation to upland areas from the effects of strong winds, tidal waves, and floods that accompany tropical storms by absorbing the high-energy generated by such conditions. In addition, because the root systems trap and filter sediments and contaminants from upland run-off, mangrove habitats help improve water quality for offshore waters and coastal ecosystems, including coral reefs, sea grass, and…

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