I’m in Ibiza from May until October 2011. If you’re looking for an experienced journalist to cover news, travel or lifestyle stories from the White Isle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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    • Nan Goldin creates stunning images to celebrate launch of ICONS Collection
    • ICONS is an exciting capsule collection based on 15 of the most iconic Jimmy Choo shoes.
    • Tamara Mellon, OBE announces the launch of The Jimmy Choo Foundation to support women in need around the world.

    Nan Goldin is one of the most highly respected contemporary art photographers of today. Her piece the ballad of sexual dependency has been cited as one of the greatest influences upon western contemporary art, and she is credited for validating the snapshot as art. Goldin sees herself as “a defender of the real, the raw and the unaltered.” She has stated that the original motivation to take photographs was “to make a record against revisionism and to retain memory”.

    “I’ve long been an admirer of Nan’s honest and emotional work and her ability to portray her subjects in a way that is beautiful and raw. Because the Jimmy Choo Foundation benefits women and issues of empowerment, it was important for me to find a photographer whose work was able to convey not only the powerful but also the sensitive and softer side of Jimmy Choo.”
    Tamara Mellon, OBE Founder and Chief Creative Officer

    If you’d like more information then please do get in touch or visit

  2. Last minute:

    JERRY HALL honors with her exceptional and graceful presence the JEANS LUC AMSLER fashion show!

    The return of Jean Luc AMSLER will not pass unnoticed.

    JERRY HALL and ANDREJ PEJIC will remove the models of the fashion show with look and relevance, the franco-swiss creator makes a return in force with a sublime collection to discover absolutely.

    On WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25TH at 7 pm – EMBASSY OF SWITZERLAND – 142, avenue de Grenelle PARIS 7ème

    On invitation exclusively, accreditation of the photographers by e-mail.

    More information :

  3. Hi,

    My name is Cindi Albright, short 50 year old pear shaped woman, 5’2. Buying a pair of jeans is a nightmare. Everyone designs and cut their jeans where your butt hangs out in the back.
    I see I’m alone, when I turn on the tv and see a commercial for a product called, “trendy top”, so you can hide your behind that’s exposed from short cutting jeans.
    I’d like to know, which designer is going to be the first to jump on the fashion trail and start to design a pair of jeans for a full bottomed woman that would prefer keeping her bottom unexposed when you sit. Please bring back the high waisted big bottomed jeans please.

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