Australia’s conversation on asylum seekers

August 25, 2012


Watch the video here “Go Back To Where You Came From” is a brave and powerful series broadcast on Australian TV. The show takes participants on a three-week journey to Afghanistan and Somalia, retracing the journeys undertaken by thousands of asylum seekers each year. It’s refreshing to see that despite the country’s harsh policy on asylum […]

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Syrian refugees report rise in child marriage

August 21, 2012


Netherlands Aid has an insightful report on how and why some Syrian refugees in Jordan are increasingly turning to child marriage for their daughters: Difficult conditions in Jordan have many parents pushing to have their daughters married at an earlier age.   The issue has created a concern among many international aid organizations that the […]

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Politics at play in Sabah resettlement of refugees

August 20, 2012


The deportation of refugees from the disputed territory of Sabah, a territory claimed in part by both Malaysia and the Philippines, has long been a political hot potato. Over the last three decades, Malaysia has increasingly relied on the employment of a cheaper and more readily available, less-skilled foreign labour force from within the Asian region. […]

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Rain is Beautiful: one refugee’s journey

August 17, 2012


  Catch a glimpse of this stunning, touching and insightful documentary by Nick Francis ( & Marc Silver ( The film features Omar, a Somali refugee who fled the war in Libya last year to live in a camp on the country’s border with Tunisia. This episode of his story, Rain is Beautiful, begins with emotional farewells […]

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I want this Little Marc Jacobs baby!

August 16, 2012


Little Marc Jacobs

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Understanding GBV in Grenada

August 16, 2012


It’s interesting to observe how, when your mind is fixed on a certain theme you seem to see it everywhere. I’m sure there’s some sociological or psychological term for it but I never paid that much attention in my social science classes until it got to the final year when I specialized in film and television studies. Anyway, that […]

New blog – Marketing NGOs

August 16, 2012


Getting ready start posting again after a hiatus due to exams, work and a month in Grenada (pictures and posts to follow). I’ve had to siphon off some content that I would normally have posted here onto a new blog – Marketing NGOs. I’m not quite happy with the name (nor the header image) but […]

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