Why your kid is not to blame if you fail to follow your passions

TEDxUW – Larry Smith – Why you will fail to have a great career

Hmm, not a very snappy title there but I think that angle on Larry Smith’s Ted Talk is the one that hits a note with me. Having a child is such a great responsibility that its all to easy to let that weight crush other aspects of your existence, especially for mothers.

Larry Smith in this video says everything I think about juggling your passions and parenthood. It is damn scary. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of – you should be fearful as it’s not just your life that’s in the balance but another person’s too.

But what this fear demands is respect, not cowardice. When I became a mother, just over a year ago I felt an undeniable gut feeling that if I was gonna spend time away from my son then it had to be spent doing something worthwhile, something of benefit and something I was passionate about.

The idea of becoming a wage slave, whiling away my days at a desk doing a job I hated and which prevented me from spending quality time with my son was one that I was adamant would not fall victim to. It’s far too early for me to sit on my high horse and extol the virtues of a life driven by passions but so far I think I’ve made the right choices… I’ll keep you posted on my progress