The Future Can Wait


The Future Can Wait, Truman Brewery, London
The Future Can Wait, Truman Brewery, London



It being my week of lates I thought I’d take the opportunity to get my fortnightly dose of culture. Today’s destination was art show The Future Can Wait housed at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.

The show had become a bit of a sensation even before its launch as artist Marc McGowan has staged an exhibition featuring himself lying on his back on the street with a knife sticking out of his blood-soaked chest.

Why? To highlight the senselessness of knife crime of course. But newspapers like the Telegraph to got their knickers in a twist over the apparently insensitive show.

To be honest I took a pretty speedy tour of the show and didn’t even notice the McGowan installation but there was one exhibit that seriously turned my stomach.


Which surprised me. When it comes to art I’m a total libertarian. I mean even dated a conceptual artist for a year so my patience when it comes to out there, boundary pushing, challenging art is pretty extensive.

But I found Angela Bartram‘s video installation of her snogging a dog was grim. I like being challenged about my perceptions of art but to put your tongue in a dog’s mouth? I guess I should be impressed that she was willing to go that far for her art…

The Future Can Wait is open from 11am-6pm, 15-19 October at The Truman Brewery.

Budget hipster chic – Brick Lane button earrings

Brag, Bacon Street, London
Brag, Bacon St, Brick Lane

One of the best things about being in a relationship is that you don’t have to buy your own jewellery (or at least that’s my ideal).

But the annoying thing is that until you actually get to that point where it is officially a relationship, you end up losing a lot of baubles along the way, or at least I do.

For the past couple of months I’ve been dabbling with a guy, let’s call him Boy to keep a sense of enigma.  I’ve managed to lose THREE pairs of earrings at his place. That’s ridiculous no?

I’ve kinda tried dropping hints that they need to be replaced but I reckon the fact that replacements have yet to materialise could be his way of letting me know that i should stop trying to mark my territory by leaving things at his house.

(This by the way is completely unfair as on at least two occasions the earrings have disappeared over night – if he kept his room a bit cleaner it wouldn’t have to be like trying to locate things in the Black Hole of Calcutta and as for marking my territory, I haven’t even left a tooth brush there!)

After a while buying new bits of bling every week, even if it is just cubic zirconia, adds up so I’ve found a solution. Button earrings. They’re super cool and super cheap – just £3.

I’ve started buying them in bulk from Brag (16 Bacon St) off Brick Lane. Check out pictures of the store below:

Brag, Bacon Street, London
Brag, Bacon Street, London
Brag, Bacon Street, London
Brag, Bacon Street, London

Martin Margiela boots

How much are those booties in the window?
How much are those booties in the window?

God damn the credit crunch. I want these Martin Margiela boots and I want them now!

They’re so sexy and so hip. Maybe if I write a letter to Gordon Brown explaining that as a taxpayer the £16,000 of my money that he’s donating on to the banks would be much better invested in my wardrobe he’ll send me a cheque.

Reckon that’s the only way I’ll be able to afford these Margiela lovelies, they’re retailing at £630 at a boutique on Brick Lane.

Why being a pseudo hip Brick Lane joint doesn’t excuse bad coffee

Oh dear. The rants are lining up! Popped into the coffee store on Brick Lane that has free WiFi. Nice that isn’t it – free WiFi? But since when does free WiFi justify undrinkable coffee?

Really, the dudes who run this place are already taking the mick by decking out what is basically a former sweatshop with hipsterish (read battered) furniture and passing it off as a trendy coffe joint. To then charge £2.50 for a hideous brown liquid they claim is coffee is obscene!!!

Don’t make the same mistake I made, go to Coffee@ Brick Lane at 154 Brick Lane instead.