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Blimey. Didn´t do to well on providing you with an update did I?

I´m doing a spot of digital marketing for one of the coolest clubs in San Antonio, Ibiza.

Eden (the one with the huge gold dome) is home to uber cool nights like Reclaim the Dancefloor, clubbing institutions like Judgement Sundays as well as parties that draw in the crowds such as Pete Tong´s Wonderland which boasted a live performance from Lady GaGa earlier this season.

Well that´s the work bit out of the way. Do follow me on Twitter – I only started on this last week and it´s proving to be quite an exciting challenge working purely on social networks.

So what happened before that? Why did you leave London and your job at one of the most influential newsrooms in British Broadcasting, you may be wondering (if you´re still reading that is 😉

After being told I was being made redundant, a few days before the contract was about to end I was offered a role to stay with the company and help them re-launch their website.

Despite the financial crisis and rising unemployment I decided life was too short to spend eight hours a day doing a thoroughly unsatisfying job so I quit London for Ibiza and two months on I´m still here.

Updates to the blog have been infrequent because I have no friggin WiFi in my apartment. For some reason working from an internet cafe doesn´t quite have the same appeal.

Anyway, it was getting a bit ridiculous that I hadn´t posted anything for weeks, especially as I seem to getting good traffic nowadays.

I´ll try to add some photos of what I´ve been up to. In the meantime, follow my clubbing/Ibizan exploits at http://twitter.com/eden_ibiza

Fatboy Slim rocks The End club in London

Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim certainly did Southern Fried Record records proud at the label’s last night at The End.

The night before the night before the last night at the End was blinding. It’s hard to believe that such a legendary club is closing.

How many other clubs in central London would have people queuing in the rain in a line that stretches well over 100 metres to get into a club? Seriously doubt that would happen at Bouji or Mahiki!

I slightly over indulged with my old mate Pam and still haven’t managed to shake of the sensation that I’m about to drop down dead even though I’m in the office today.

One of the things I love about the club is that it’s really interesting to watch the ebb and flow of people between AKA and The End club downstairs.

You can always tell if the crowd isn’t really feeling the DJ downstairs when, the upstairs bar is packed,

I’m certainly gonna miss it. Was tempted to check out Saturday night – Laurent Garnier’s sets at the club are apparently legendary and he’s rumoured to be making an appearance on the closing night – but the way I feel today, reckon I’ll be in bed for the whole weekend!

UK premier of Bassweight, dubstep documentary

The word dubstep first came to my attention at an artistic salon I went to at the Bethnal Green Men’s Working Club back in 2006.

It was, admittedly, an unlikely setting.  Chatting about writing for Rolling Stone Italy to a Dutch DJ sharing my table, I mentioned that I was on the look out for hot new bands and new musical trends.

He was appalled when I admitted that I had never hear of dubstep, a sound which originated in deepest, darkest Croydon but which had spread to Holland, Brazil and even Japan.

Imagining that I had come across this hot new genre, the next I whacked the term into Google to see how much had already been written.

To my dismay, the Telegraph had got there first (has anyone else noticed how, despite having the reputation for being the paper of choice for right-wing wrinklies, the Torygraph has a pretty avant-garde culture coverage.)

In the years that have followed, I’ve always been tempted by the idea of a night of dubstep. To date the closest I’ve come is listening to Annie Nightingale’s show on the BBC iPlayer, which I don’t think really counts.

Plastic People, one of my favourite clubs in London seems like the perfect venue – small, dark, underground and with a wicked sound system.

But the idea of spending the night with a load of moody teenage boys wearing sportswear has never really appealed.

Now it seems like I may have the perfect excuse to dig a little deeper into the scene.

My weekly journey (round the corner into the graphics suite) for creative inspiration has come up with a little gem.

Where the magic happens - ITV News graphics suite
Where the magic happens - ITV News graphics suite



The Whitechapel Gallery, which is round the corner from my gaff is hosting the UK premiere of Bassweight, the first documentary about dubstep.

The screening will be followed by live music from MEMORY9, The Open Sauce Soundsystem and KULTURE.

Bassline debuts on Friday 24th October 2008 at the Whitechapel Gallery