The best swine flu map

Just when I think I’ve had enough of google maps, someone goes and surprises me. This epic output mashing up data from the swineflu epidemic has certainly bowled me over. Is it really from a biomedical research in Pittsburgh?

UK unemployment map

 Not exactly cutting edge, but here’s how I chose to display the latest UK unemployment figures. (Click on the pins to see the stats).

The best bit about using Google Maps is that the comments feature allows our users to share their views on stories without having to use our antiquated forums and saves me the time of having to scroll through shed loads of emails and reformat them into an artice (madness, but that’s often the only solution).

Google and ITN join forces on geotagged news

File this post under  g for “geek”

ITN and Google have paired up to provide users with geotagged news.

Quite a few months after the discusion was first had, Google has named ITN as it partner for its ‘Gears Geolocation API’ which enables you to find local news stories based on your current location.

The application ‘pinpoints the location of the mobile cell or Wi-Fi access point and highlights ITN news stories near that location on Google Maps or Google Earth’.

This is a pretty huge coup for ITN’s super-talented but underrated development team, congratulations guys!!

In a Techradar article, Google Project manager Charles Wiles says: ”

“ITN really is at the cutting edge of technology, delivering innovative news features on both mobile and desktop.

“The ability to see Google Earth in the browser – automatically centred on your current location and with stories relevant to your current location layered on top – is incredibly useful.”

Financial crisis on a global scale

The fruits of my labours today (in addition to surviving the hangover from hell). Wanted to embed some stills, maybe I’ll get round to that later.

Today really was the day that it hit us just how out of control the financial meltdown really is.


Despite all of the measures by governments around the world, the markets are still plummeting. One experts’ referred to it as the plastic pants approach to banking – people are panicking and selling like crazy! Who knows what tomorrow’ll bring?