Francis and the Lights

One for the road, my sister just tipped me off about Francis and the Lights. A quick YouTube search unearthed this delicious cover of Kanye West’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing. I nice one to end the day on methinks.

The sounds is very reminiscent of Prince but thethere’s a subtle electronic influence. Blind I For The Kids describe them as, ” a freakin dream come true”.  Feel free to make up your own mind.

Kanye’s afro mullet

Kanye West at VH1 Storytellers
Kanye West at VH1 Storytellers

Time to skedaddle boys and girls, it’s been an epic day. Last post is a question.

What do you think of Kanye’s hairdo? It’s not working for me but  there’s a lot of debate going on online about Ye’s new style (apparently called a ‘shag’ or and ‘egyptian’ if the blogscape is to be believed):

– Marc Ecko’s COMPLEX blog  has taken the time to compile a pictorial history of the black mullet

– Nicole Bitchie declares Kanye’s do to be a super star in it’s own right

So what’s your verdict? Hip or Square?