The best swine flu map

Just when I think I’ve had enough of google maps, someone goes and surprises me. This epic output mashing up data from the swineflu epidemic has certainly bowled me over. Is it really from a biomedical research in Pittsburgh?

Map – the coolest club night in London?

Map Club London

“He’s the king of the LA hipsters.” Apparently that’s all I needed to know when I asked how one of MAP’s founders who to describe DJ, blogger, label-owner and promoter extraordinaire Franki Chan.

The dude behind Iheartcomix is set to explode onto the London scene this Bank Holiday weekend as he headlines for the debut of MAP, a new club concept that’s set to make a big impact on the capital’s underground club scene.

Itinerant club night MAP brings you acts that are defining the trends on both this side of the pond and the other. Over four nights, the club travels to intimate but edgy venues in north, east, west and central London (I guess south doesn’t count).

It’s very cool, and very hip; plus the Bank Holiday weekend means you have no excuse for missing it!

Financial crisis on a global scale

The fruits of my labours today (in addition to surviving the hangover from hell). Wanted to embed some stills, maybe I’ll get round to that later.

Today really was the day that it hit us just how out of control the financial meltdown really is.


Despite all of the measures by governments around the world, the markets are still plummeting. One experts’ referred to it as the plastic pants approach to banking – people are panicking and selling like crazy! Who knows what tomorrow’ll bring?