Sarah Palin, former journalism student, can’t name a national newspaper?

Sarah, Sarah. You sure do give journalism students a bad name! How can you not be able name at least one newspaper that you read on a daily basis? At least lie and mention the one paper’s website you come across while surfing Google News.
I don’t want to diss Palin on the grounds of her religious beliefs which colour her views on abortion and homosexuality, her apparent lack of foreign policy inexperience, the fact that her daughter wipes spit on her little brothers hair, or because of her penchant for mooseburgers… but she is beyond square.




Get your class war on

hate to rant on about the same thing but as I type news of the spectacular collapse of HBOS shares streams over the airways.

There’s an interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal analysing the effect that the financial crisis is having on the US election campaign.

The main line of argument is that : “There is simply no way to blame this disaster, as Republicans used to do, on labor unions or over-regulation. No, this is the conservatives’ beloved financial system doing what comes naturally.”

The question is, will Obama be ready to step to this financial challenge in a convincing manner? Guess it has similarities to New Labour, previously seen as the party of boom and bust, marketing itself as the party of the economy in the ’97 election campaign.