Why, as a black person, I applaud John Derbyshire’s race article

The eponymous publisher of Taki mag is a convicted felon, known coke fiend and out and out racist to boot. As such it comes as no surprise that the columnists he has writing for his online rag are of a similarly unpleasant vein.

John Derbyshire’s article is one of the most depressing articles on the state of Western society that I have ever read. As I’ve written here in the past, prejudice and racism have always existed. I’d argue if we want to combat it, or even work with it, then we have to understand the factors that cause it. But for all my attempts at objective reasoning , Derbyshire’s article is a slap in the face.

Some, including Forbes magazine, are now calling for Derbyshire to be fired. To me this seems like a counter-productive move. He was writing in a publication for ignoramus, run by ignoramuses – there was no slip-up here – his comments are an expression of his considered view on race relations.

Despite the many flaws of the liberal democracy in which we live the right to free speech should not be undermined. In fact I applaud John Derbyshire’s article because it answers, in a manner far more damning than I could ever hope to achieve, every accusation that black people have a chip on their shoulder, choose to play the race card or that race is no longer an issue because there’s a black man in the White House.

In a world in which white children are educated on race relations by parents like John Derbyshire the, oft used and consistently damaging, argument that we are living in a post-racial era or that it’s possible for minorities to choose when and when not their race is an issue is shown for it truly is – utter rubbish.

Conversations on Skin Colour Race and Identity


I’d never heard of Kickstarter before until my cool little sister posted a link to the video on Facebook. The video is about a project called(1)ne Drop: Conversations on Skin Colour Race and Identity.

My interests in the topic is personal, as the mother of a gorgeous mixed race son I’m intrigued to hear the experience of other individuals of mixed heritage. What I loved is the artistic approach applied to the anthropological process.

The slick video is a great tool in seeking contributions via Kickstarter. Take a look and if you’re interested in seeing the final result make a donation to Yaba Blay and Noelle Theard’s project.

Italy: segregation in schools, “black kids painted white”






While Americans prepare to vote for a black president Italy, it appears, prefers to be inspired by the days of Jim Crow.

Not that the issue of race is something that’s constantly on my mind (I’m far from right on and definitely don’t have a chip on my shoulder) but my daily visits to the Corriere website fill me despair.

Today’s offering? The Italian parliament has voted 265 to 245 to have separate classes for foreigners in schools.


Now I know many Italians see the Roman Empire as their glory days but have they not noticed we’re in the 21st century? How can the European Union allow this?


Aiming to “enable integration”

The motion was proposed by the Lega del Nord. The party’s leader claims the measure serves to prevent racism and actually enable real integration. Erm, really?


Probably the only time young Italians are going to be able to interact with immigrants and gain a real understanding of who they are as people rather than the stereotypes that they see on TV or hear from their parents is at school.


A new generation

I remember the funniest thing when my ex’s 6-year-old niece came home and told her grandmother that she was in love with a Moroccan boy in her class.


For Francesca it was nothing out of the ordinary, he was her friend – the fact that his parents weren’t born in Italy had nothing to do with anything.


What was beautiful was that the grandmother, who would distinguish between someone being from her village or the next one three miles down the road, wasn’t bothered that her granddaughter was friends with a Moroccan either.


A despicable proposal

The Il Popolo della Libertà, a liberal conservative political party that was once in coalition with the Lega del Nord, has said the motion is “despicable and inserts descrimination in schools”.


It says quite a lot if the party fronted by Berlusconi, who famously apologised for Mussolini’s actions, starts complaining about discriminatory measures.


The proposal also intends to ban any foreign student from joining an Italian after 31 December in any year.


“Black children painted white”

That said it seems as the issue of race has captured the interest of the Italian media.


Below the article on school segregation Corriere runs a story on cut-outs of black children that were painted white. The tagline reads “Racism in Varese”.

Isn’t it more mindless vandalism than racism?