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Why, as a black person, I applaud John Derbyshire’s race article

April 7, 2012


The eponymous publisher of Taki mag is a convicted felon, known coke fiend and out and out racist to boot. As such it comes as no surprise that the columnists he has writing for his online rag are of a similarly unpleasant vein. John Derbyshire’s article is one of the most depressing articles on the […]

Conversations on Skin Colour Race and Identity

October 7, 2011


(1)NE DROP: CONVERSATIONS ON SKIN COLOR, RACE, AND IDENTITY from MVMT on Vimeo. I’d never heard of Kickstarter before until my cool little sister posted a link to the video on Facebook. The video is about a project called(1)ne Drop: Conversations on Skin Colour Race and Identity. My interests in the topic is personal, as the mother of a […]

Italy: segregation in schools, “black kids painted white”

October 15, 2008


          While Americans prepare to vote for a black president Italy, it appears, prefers to be inspired by the days of Jim Crow. Not that the issue of race is something that’s constantly on my mind (I’m far from right on and definitely don’t have a chip on my shoulder) but […]

Morgan Freeman on black history month

October 13, 2008