Jones’ Bad Ass BBQ and Foot Massage

So funny. First heard this on Dev’s show on 1Xtra yesterday morning but it wasn’t until I saw the video posted on the Guardian’s viral video chart that I realised just how funny this is.

Video reports from the urban front line

Doug Levy at Flavourpill has just sent a little gem through my inbox. Today’s Daily Dose features BablegumOnline video curators which deliver the goods.


The videos are of a sumptuous quality, opening up to almost fill the screen. My favourite channel is Metropolis which bring you “reports from the urban front line”.

Youtube’s beta launch of full-length content

Just recieved the following information from YouTube:

We have beta launched a section of full-length content with partners such as Lionsgate, Sony, and our own EMEA partners BBC Worldwide & Entertainment Rights.

While most of the content is geo-blocked to the US-only you can see the landing page at and

Please note that full-length content also has new ad formats for us – pre-roll, post-roll, and interstitials.

If you have content that you’d be interested in contributing for the US or UK please let me know and we can discuss further.

It’ll be interesting to see just how popular longer form videos prove to be online, both in terms of viewing figures and monetisation

Brown cuts out the middle man

They’ve only gone and done it again. Just days after Alistair Darling irked economy reporters by issuing a YouTube statement on his hopes for the economy, now Gordon Brown has taken the heat out of the second-homes allowance row by demanding an urgent commons vote on reforms.

What news editors hate about this growing trend in government issuing missives online is that their correspondents don’t have a chance to grill politicians and get to the nitty gritty of their statements. Really, you should hear how they fume. Yet does the public really need a middle man to intermediate in the flow of information?

They no longer have to wait until the 6.30pm bulletin to get this information – it’s accesible online as soon as it’s released and just maybe they’re intelligent enough to add their own analysis to the news that they receive.

Like a boss

Have job interviews on the mind at the moment. Since my decision that it’s time to go hard or go home I’ve been sending out CVs and trying to line up interviews.

Looks like I might have one set for next Tuesday. It’s an incredibly cool position that I would absolutely love. So maybe I won’t try out the interview technique used above.

G20 death video

This is unsettling footage of the moment when Ian Tomlinson, an innocent passerby during the G20 protests is pushed to the ground by a policeman. He later died.

From a media point of view it’s interesting that the footage was sent to a newspaper website rather than a broadcaster. Sign of the times?