Credit crisis craziness

Apologies. I’ve been under the radar this week. Blame it on the day shift and the relentless credit crisis content I’ve been churning out for the website each day.

Slightly worried that thousands of people are reading advice written by me on finance. If only they could see my bank account.

The Wire – season three has also been a distraction. Seriously I plan on watching one episode before bed but before I know it it’s 3 in the morning. Not a good look when I’m due in the office at 8am!

Nerdcore rap star – can you do the Margaret Thatcher?


So square it’s hip. Today’s Wire post has brought to my attention geeksta rapper MC Frontalot. Apparently he’s an OG in nerdcore, a musical genre that combines hip-hop tunes with geek-friendly lyrics (but of course).

Love to say I’ve spotted a trend here but the truth the ‘art form’ has been around for so long that tech-loving filmmakers have even made movies about it.

Anyway as an aspiring geek I’m more than happy to jump on the bandwagon.