Action plan

How time flies. The summer is over and I’m back in London. What do I have to show for my summer in Ibiza? Not much in the way of blog posts that’s for sure. It amazes me how much time I spent chasing after my little son, which was such an amazing joy. I’m also appalled at the amount of hours I wasted away doing absolutely nothing. But perhaps I needed it. And still, I’m very pleased with the articles I got published while out there.

So, despite my intentions of hitting the ground running on my return to the Big Smoke I find myself almost as clueless as I was before I left for Ibiza. Except now I’m facing the added pressure of finding a house, childcare and a job. Still, musn’t grumble as having endless options in front of me is something I longed for back in the dark days of slaving away for ITV News. I’m being inspired (reading between the lines, actually feeling hideously jealous and insignificant in comparison) by all these 20-something mums who have babies, run their own companies, find time to write riveting blogs, maintain a social life and still look gorgeous.

It’s three weeks til my birthday so perhaps a good date for me to set myself a deadline by which time I need to pull my proverbial finger out and come up with a plan of action!