Financial crisis on a global scale

The fruits of my labours today (in addition to surviving the hangover from hell). Wanted to embed some stills, maybe I’ll get round to that later.

Today really was the day that it hit us just how out of control the financial meltdown really is.


Despite all of the measures by governments around the world, the markets are still plummeting. One experts’ referred to it as the plastic pants approach to banking – people are panicking and selling like crazy! Who knows what tomorrow’ll bring?

Sarah Palin, former journalism student, can’t name a national newspaper?

Sarah, Sarah. You sure do give journalism students a bad name! How can you not be able name at least one newspaper that you read on a daily basis? At least lie and mention the one paper’s website you come across while surfing Google News.
I don’t want to diss Palin on the grounds of her religious beliefs which colour her views on abortion and homosexuality, her apparent lack of foreign policy inexperience, the fact that her daughter wipes spit on her little brothers hair, or because of her penchant for mooseburgers… but she is beyond square.