Christian Bale outburst mashups


No don’t just be sorry. Think for one f**ing second….Do you have any f**ing idea? Give me a f**ing answer!!

Aah, the art of throwing a wobbly. Looks like Mr Bale has certainly got it mastered.

If his slightly twisted performance in The Dark Knight wasn’t enough to convince you of his blinding hotness, if you love a bad boy, you’ve gotta be drooling at this rant. He’s so wrong, its so right.

It in typical noughties fashion users across the world have appropriated Bale’s rant and created masups of their own. The Boston Globe has posted pretty comprehensive round-up. This one by DJ Revolution is one of my favourites:


Perez Hilton is featuring a pretty hilarious mashup with Christian Bale vs Bill O’Reilly:



The New York Times found this mash up with Christian Bale’s voice all over He’s Not That Into You. Am I the only one who doesn’t find it that funny though?


And here’s another…

Journalism in global crisis

Following on from my post yesterday, the issue of a journalistic crisis appears to be as much of as an ongoing story as the financial crisis.

In today’s Corriere della Sera, Marco Pratellesi, editor in chief of Corriere online, blogs about Italian journalists suffering from a cultural crisis and a rupture between generations. Apparently the same issues are rocking French newspapers too.

40 years from ’68, the revolution goes digital (or why Daniel Cohn-Bendit will be forever hip)

Danny the Red
Danny the Red



While googling for information on participating in the European Parliament (who would have guessed Zoe to be a Europhile) came across news of a petition to make the European Parliament switch its IT systems to Open Source which has atteacted the support of a hundred MEPs.

Who’s behind such a bold measure? None other than Daniel Cohn-Bendit (and, to be fair, a few other MEPs) better known, back in the day, as Danny the Red .

They’re not only are asking for a migration of the whole European Paliament computer network to Open Source software”, they also want the European Union to finance public research on this type of software.

For the petition to be adopted, more than half the members of the European Parliament should sign the document. This means the petition needs some two hundred more signatures.

Links to the petition in all languages of the member states of the European Union can be found at website of the Open Source advocacy group

Funny. One of my lines of thought last week was on the paralells between the revolution of ’68 and the current digital revolution.