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Italy vegetarian capital of Europe

February 12, 2009


  Surprising fact of the day. Corriere reports on a Eurispes study that has found one in 10 Italians are vegetarian. How things have changed since the days of my scambio scolastico when the family of the girl I was staying with kindly offered me a prawn salad, saying: “we know you don’t eat meat […]

Italian doctors to snitch on illegal immigrants

February 5, 2009


If more signs were needed of the legitimisation of xenophobia in Italy, doctors will now be able to report illegal immigrants to the Italian government, under legislation approved by the Senate or upper house of parliament on Thursday. The move has already drawn criticism from the centre-left opposition and from Medecins Sans Frontieres in Italy. […]

Jungle Jazz – blast from the past

October 20, 2008


On the train home from seeing the olds up in Hertfordshire when I notice the snare coming out of the headphones of the guy sitting behind me. The bpm are around 160. Hmm sounds like jungle. In fact, it sounds strangely familiar… Oh my gosh (it’s been a long weekend so it takes a while for […]

Far-right sets up base in Milan, Italy

October 17, 2008


  My Brother is an Only Child is one of the best foreign language films I’ve seen all year.   The director, Daniele Luchetti, managed to capture on celluloid the draw of extremism and how during the 60s and 70s belief in political ideas was so strong that that loyalty to left or right could […]

Italy: segregation in schools, “black kids painted white”

October 15, 2008


          While Americans prepare to vote for a black president Italy, it appears, prefers to be inspired by the days of Jim Crow. Not that the issue of race is something that’s constantly on my mind (I’m far from right on and definitely don’t have a chip on my shoulder) but […]

Video – The Cure perform new album in Rome

October 14, 2008


NME’s appropriately named Bored At Work blog reveals that you can watch live versions of all the tracks on The Cure’s soon to be release album at Stereogum… I know what I’ll be doing for the next. My favourite Cure album? It has to be The Kiss – the songs reminds me of being 17 years old, driving around […]

Is Italy racist?

October 3, 2008


    My Italian love affair has endured for almost half my life. From studying the language at school, to dating (too many) Italian men and then living and working in the country it would be fair to say that I’m a fully paid up member of the Italophile crew. Yet when people ask my […]