In for the Kill

Everyone’s going crazy for La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix). It played three times at the club I was at on Friday. And last night it was back to back on MistaJam’s 1xtra and Radio 1.

More about the track and artists here –

The future trends in blog design

As I continue to post on this wordpress blog I often whish it had the simplicity of a Tumblr blog. For example, sometimes you come across a great quote that you don’t feel the need to add any extra content too. On Tumblr you can publish it as a stand-alone entry that still looks good, while on WordPress, it would just look really lame.

As such, the above preamble is the necessary text required to accompany this great article I stumbled across by Rachel Cunliffe at cr8d design who runs a number of award-winning blogs in New Zealand. The post outlines blog design trends for 2009 (I’m kinda late to spot this but it’s still very informative reading).

London carnival protest

SOURCE: Press Release

Campaigners dressed as zombies will ‘hang bankers’ in central London to protest against the way the government has been handling the economic crisis.

The group said it will march from Oxford Street to Marble Arch in the style of a New Orleans jazz funeral and in a Mardi Gras carnival mood. A pancake race for Shrove Tuesday will be held before the ‘public hanging’ of effigies of bankers at March Arch.

The event is organised by Government of the Dead and artists’ group Artport. ‘Grand finale’ A spokesperson for the event said: “We are all witnessing its (bank bailouts and bonuses) zombie remains destroying the lives of ordinary people in the form of rising unemployment and home repossessions.

“We’re not making light of the catastrophe, but in times like these we need a laugh.” The protestors said their dancing and singing carnival will end in Marble Arch, formerly known as Tyburn where public executions were held. “The grand finale will be at Tyburn where we hope to hang a criminal or two. They’ll be hanged from the neck until not quite dead,” the group’s website said.

Organisers are hoping the family event, which is the pancake race, will attract hundreds of people and urged participants to either come dressed as zombies or wear black and white clothes.

Uninsurable musicians revolt over Iggy ad

SOURCE: Press Association


A car insurer admitted today it refuses to cover musicians – despite featuring Iggy Pop in its adverts.


The veteran rocker is the star of Swiftcover’s “Get a life. Get Swiftcovered” campaign.


Swiftcover, part of the Axa insurance group, claimed it chose the long-haired American singer – whose hits include Lust for Life and The Passenger – to be the face of the company as an actor who “loves life” rather than as a musician.


But the online insurance firm came under attack for turning down people who work in the music and entertainment industry for car insurance, citing higher levels of risk and potential claims costs as its reasons.


The Advertising Standards Authority said it has launched an investigation after receiving 12 complaints from those deemed ineligible because of their jobs.



A spokesman for the ASA said: “We have received 12 complaints and we are formally investigating those complaints.


“They have challenged whether it is misleading to suggest Iggy Pop has insurance with Swiftcover because its website states that those who work in entertainment cannot take out a car insurance policy with that insurer.”


SXSW ’09 artist playlist

Another post about somewhere I’m blatantly not going to get to. Paul Lamere, a researcher at Sun Labs has posted an incredibly useful list of all the artists set to play this year’s Austin Festival

Love the way that you can search it but not only alphabetical order but also by an endless array of options including, most popular, newest, hottest, rising and even by geographical location.

However a quick search shows that Futurecop, the one band that I know for sure will definitely be playing, aren’t on Paul’s list. Have you spotted any other omissions? Maybe we should let him know?

Lincoln, home to the new cool?

Still slightly battered from the weekend. It’s surely a sign that I’m getting old (or need to start visiting the gym).

Friday night saw me dashing up the A1 in the company of three music industry types to a gig in Lincoln (on paper sounds like the things nightmares are made of but actually was much fun).

The Lincoln club night called Moda is apparently the next big thing; it won Mixmag’s 4th Best Club of 2008. Run by Andy George and Jaymo – two lads barely into the twenties who’ve already attracted the attention of Annie Mac and Kissy Sell Out.

Around four times a year the host the parties at The Engine Shed (sorry Nick, you were right, it isn’t called the Shed) which holds up to 1600 people. They’ve cracked onto a great way of tapping into Lincoln’s burgeoning student population and indeed, manage to attract kids from all over the north west.