Santogold saves me

I’m in a post-credit crisis low. The adrenaline generated from last week’s slew of non-stop breaking news is well and truly out of my system.

Today I’m bored out of my f’ing mind. Seriously! I’m considering bashing my head against my desk for some light entertainment.

I’m pointlessly trawling across job sites for that ideal role but I already know what I’m searching for is within me. This isn’t me being all new agey; I just need to get my arse into gear and get those ideas onto paper and start doing them. Quite simple really (but strangely complex to enact).

How do I restrain the primal scream of frustration that’s bubbling within me? The answer is Santogold. I love her tracks. And for a shitty Tuesday she provides the perfect combination of soothingly soulful with a gutsy electro beats.

If you’re stateside you can catch her when the Beastie Boys ‘Get Out and Vote‘ tour touches down in Richmond, Virginia. You lucky sods!

Fingers crossed I can blag a ticket to her gig with Kanye in London on 11 November…


Oh memories! News of the Martin Margiela exhibition at MoMu in Antwerp reminded me of an old beau who did some modelling for the label. He also sat for Julian Opie. Note to self – exactly when was it that I made the switch from dating hot guys to chasing professional arseholes?


16/10/08 – actually on second thoughts think I may have got the name of the designer wrong. He did definitely model though and the Opie you’re looking isn’t a fake.