Just going through the nominees for this year’s Webby awards and just had to share dazzled and inspired I am. There really is genius stuff going on out there. The shortlist is astounding not just for the innovative design on show, the creativity is mind blowing (well actually maybe that’s an overstatement but for someone who’s working in broadcast news the fare is pretty amazing).

My favourite without a doubt is the C’N’C CoSTUME NATIoNAL site (and not just because I’m a huge fan of the label – shoes in particular). When I first moved to Milan I had the pleasure of having dinner the general manager of Costume National, Antonio Padula who is also big into his music and, if I remember correctly, DJs from time to time.

From the moment you see the  amp-wire flickering across the homepage the site does nothing but ooze edgy chic, reflecting both the concept of the label and the feel of the A/W collection. I love it love it love it. It’s the internet at its best. Anyone who thinks the internet can’t be cool and sexy should take a good look at this site. If you’re convinced, add your vote!