The insider’s guide to NYC

I’m not in love with New York.

This probably makes me different from most other Londoners I know who all seem to be enthralled with the Big Smoke.

I went there about 14 years ago so guess the joys of NYC are probably wasted on a kid but it just seemed so big and noisy and intense. I much prefer Miami Beach.

But the Village Voice’s Best of New York ’08 round-up has got me considering a trip. I adore the way that they have such random categories like,  Best Brooklyn Ruin, Best Dive for Holding a Conversation and Best Floral Jewellery:

Kristen “the Flower Lady”
Spring Street between Crosby and Broadway, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Soho is a real bloomer with Kristen “the Flower Lady” around. She’s a local vendor who usually stands next to a board tacked full of real flowers, seemingly frozen in time. But make no mistake about it: These aren’t lovely bouquets you put in a vase. They’re jewelry—earrings and necklaces made from real flowers encased in resin. Her biggest sellers are Dianthus (Sweet William), hydrangea, Scaevola (fan plant), and Queen Anne’s lace. Prices range from $20 to $60 for earrings and $30 to $150 for necklaces. As long as the weather’s good, expect her to be out and about and tell her we sent you.

Julia Allison’s TMI Weekly? Love it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well today I’ve stumbled across a genius show that I simply adore. It’s ok to be retarded about boys and stuff even if you’re not so far away from 30!


Julia Allison’s TMI Weekly programme launched earlier this month. I’ve only got round to seeing the two latest episodes but I love it. It’s kind a like My So Called Life meets Sex in the City online.


The show, which also features bloggers Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin covers

Style, tech (yes the iPhone pouring beer app did rock my world too) and relationships – three fundamental interests of my life. I have never, ever met any girls who would state that triumvirate of interests.


TMI Weekly is so wrong yet so right; I want everyone to love it.


And Julia Allison? I get that she’s not the post popular person on the blogosphere but, hell she made Wire fly of the shelves when she graced the magazine’s front cover.


She gorgeous, fabulously well dressed, beautiful and a genius at milking the publicity machine but she also has a kick-ass taste in music too. I mean Hot Chip, Junior Boys? Sorry guys but I’m pro-Julia.